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Pacific Home Improvements in Cairns, Far North Queensland, Australia is an independent home improvements company specialising in a wide range of home convenience products for both internal and external fitting.

Established in 1986 as a specialised supplier of superb product, we have been in the same main road Cairns premises for over 12 years and some of our valued staff have been with us for even longer.

As your home improvement company our policy is, “If we cannot do it correctly we prefer not to do it.” This may sound arrogant but we pride ourselves on using only top grade products in the widest range available, backed by service like you won’t believe, and with a warranty that is benchmark in our industry.

Pacific’s Company motto is not “What can I sell this person?” but rather “What are this client’s particular requirements?” and “What would I specify if this were my home?”

This results in our outstanding client satisfaction ratings – something we are extremely proud of.

Backed by some of the largest and best suppliers in the country, we carefully select a range of tried and trusted products, and also new innovative products, that are not always the lowest priced, but certainly are the best value in their fields. If it does not shape up we do not use it – period.

We provide an efficient back up service and support all manufacturer’s warranty periods. These may vary in time & length dependent on the type of goods and their developers. For more information please give us a call or email us through our enquiries page.

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Workshop Behind 103 Mulgrave Road
At end of Carpark in Severin Street.
Phone: (07) 4031 1020
Fax: (07) 4051 1438
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