The Best Accessories For Creating A Relaxing Environment In Your Bathroom

The bathroom is the most used room in a home. Apart from having fittings and fixtures, a bathroom needs to have tons of accessories to make the space comfortable and convenient for everyone using it.

Before you begin decorating your bath with various accessories, it is essential to think of a theme. Once you shortlist a theme, you could choose accessories that go well with it.

If you are lucky enough to have a large bathroom, you have the opportunity to fit in a lot of accessories. To start with, you could install a fireplace in your bathroom to give it a romantic and relaxing feel. The fireplace could be placed opposite to your glass. To further add the look and feel of your bath, you could put some scented candles and maybe a lovely picture of you and your spouse on the ledge.

You could also consider having a mini refrigerator in your bathroom for cooling your favourite drinks. Have a chair placed in the dry area for you to sit and put on your body lotion post a bath or enjoy a drink. For those who are fond of reading, keeping a basket for books and magazines near the chair is a great idea.

The appearance of your bathroom matters a lot, but something that matters, even more, is its feel. Wouldn’t you want your bath to have an alluring aroma that is like a lovely treat to your senses? Of course, yes. For this, you could have essential oil diffuser in your bathroom. Pick a refreshing fragrance, so every time you step into your bathroom, you feel like you have entered a spa.

Creative minds would love to think out of the box when decorating their bath. They could add some plants to the area next to the tub. Indoor plantation is an excellent idea also for those who love nature. The plants in the bathroom will get their share of sunlight from the skylights. However, when choosing the plant, you need to ensure it can cope with low-light and high humidity. Some of the best plants for your bathroom are Orchids, Peace lily, and fern.

Having a cluttered bathroom is a strict no-no. You have to arrange and organise all the accessories in a manner that they make the place look clean and tidy and not a mess. A great solution to decluttering your bathroom is having a large cabinet for storing all your toiletries and necessities. You can place this storage below the sink, and things like your bath salts and soaks, terrycloth robes, etc. can all go into this cabinet.

Any bathroom is incomplete without a bath soap. And to add a dash of luxury to your bath, you can get a designer soap for yourself. This element will make your bathroom look stunning and give you a luxe feel every morning.

Matching the accessories in your bathroom is also a must. Anything and everything you place should match and complement the other things available in the bathroom. To give a stylish look to your bathroom, you could put a floor carpet matching to its interiors. Also, remember to coordinate the colour of your sink, counter and tub.

Any additional unused space can be used for a fancy towel rack. All your unique towels and new washcloths can go into this rack.

Before you get some luxurious accessories for your bathroom, ensure it is well-equipped with the basic ones.

Here are some accessories that must be available in every bathroom of your home.

  • Vanity Set

This usually includes a soap dish, liquid soap dispenser and toothbrush holder. Any bathroom is incomplete without this set as it has the power to arrange your essentials in a neat and tidy manner.

  • Toilet Paper Holder

It is no news that a bathroom requires a toilet paper holder. Toilet paper roll is an absolute must, and so is its holder.

  • Toilet Brush and Tile Scrubber

One place that requires the most cleaning is the toilet. Having a toilet brush and tile scrubber placed right in the toilet will save you the effort of bringing it to the toilet every time you want to clean it.

  • Dustbin

A dustbin is a must in every bathroom. After all, you will require a bin to dispose of all the used tissues.

  • Shower Curtain

Shower curtains prevent the water from splashing and getting out from the wet area. Not having a shower curtain can wet the dry area every time someone has a bath.

  • Floor Mat

Having shower curtains but no floor matting is not going to help the dry area of your bathroom stay dry. Walking out of your bathtub can lead the flooring to be wet. Hence, placing a floor mat that absorbs the water from your feet is a great idea.

  • Wall Mirror

Any bathroom without a mirror is incomplete. Bathrooms are the place for makeup, shaving, hairdressing, etc. And all this isn’t possible without a mirror. Irrespective of the size of your bathroom, you need to have a mirror of the size that is best suitable.

  • Hair Catcher

Clogged drain due to hair fall is common. A hair catcher is an accessory that can trap all the hair strands and prevent them from clogging the drain. This accessory is available in multiple colours and sizes, allowing you to pick the one that best suits your bathroom.

  • Bathroom Organiser

Every bathroom needs an organiser for shampoos, vanity sets, loofas, etc. Install a bathroom organiser on an empty wall and have all your essentials arrange in a neat manner.

Like it is important to wisely choose the accessories that will be a part of your bathroom, it is also essential to pay attention to the bathroom fittings you choose. There are multiple options for even a small thing as a shower, so the decision is going to be tough. From faucets to shower systems to sinks to WCs, everything in your bathroom needs to be well-matched and coordinated.

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