Best DIY ideas to change your bathrooms in simple ways

Sometimes it feels like the bathroom can be a nightmare to renovate and it may go wrong or costs can be skyrocket. To transform your bathrooms you can go with bathroom DIY ideas that will be a best practice among all. It appeals without requiring the kind of the work requiring demolition or changing the entire layout. The idea of bathroom DIY is simple to makeover projects that can help you to renovate a place in a little couple of hours. Here are some of the easy and simple bathroom DIY ideas to transform your bathrooms.

Toilet paper rolls:

You can upgrade your toilet paper holders by creating one of the best and give a contemporary look to it. It will become a more true and conversational piece by adding some more funky toilet paper. It is one of the perfect additions to your visitor’s bath and it can be used often. 

Shower curtains with macramé:

Nowadays the most trending is macramé projects and everyone out of fashion by using the traditional shower curtains. It is whimsical and romantic that will add a smart touch without putting a lot of effort.

Tissues box with birch plywood:

Tissues are one of the essential things in the bathroom and it often stays in an unattractive cardboard box. To make the tissues boxes completely unique you can make a tissue box out of birch plywood and it won’t get wet and it will be a permanent solution. You can make it more attractive by either stain or painting the woods or just leave it natural.

Bath mats out of cedar strips:

You can use wood like cedar and bamboo to make bath mats that can instantly make space feel like a spa. Making mat out of cedar will make you feel that you are inside and outside of a sauna whenever you take a shower.

Brackets of shelves:

Making bathrooms shelves is a great idea to keep your essentials things on it and a better practice of stylish activities. You can make upside-down brackets for shelves to hang and that creates shelving in a much more interesting way. It is also a better way to mount upside and it will also keep the objects from sliding off.

Relaxing tub with bathtub caddy:

If you have a standalone tub in your bathroom so to improve the bathing experience you create a reclaimed wooden bath caddy into the mix. You have to make sure that the need of placing caddy is to get the maximum relaxation. You can also go with candles, a book, luxurious soaps, and perhaps a glass of wine.

Mosaic bathroom mirror:

To make a coastal-inspired bathroom you can choose for a mosaic tile mirror frame that will add just a better amount of shine and colour that will save money in this process. You can take some time in choosing the mosaic tile and it is that easy to work with and it gives a complete décor for your bathroom.

Design bathroom door:

You can design a sign for the bathroom door that provides you with a clever way to identify the bathroom for the guests. This DIY idea is even less expensive and you can choose an inexpensive hanging sign and pain it over it.

Remainder sign:

Make for a reminder sign that can be quite literal and reminds the people to flush after using toilets, closing the taps and others. Thus it makes the cool ways to say anything in the bathroom related.

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