Types Of Shower Screens You Can Install In Your Bathroom

Nothing is more relaxing than a hot-water bath in your bathroom after a long tiring day. When designing your bath area, it is important to keep its importance in mind. This is that space of your home that has the power to wipe your stress away.

People believe that renovating your bathroom is a costly affair. Well this is true. However, giving your bathroom an excellent makeover is possible even when you are on a tight budget.

One of the easiest ways to upgrade the look of your bathroom without spending much is by opting for a shower screen. Shower screens are made of glass panels that lend your bathroom a classy and elegant look. Glass panels aren’t just good looking, but budget friendly too. There are plenty of options available in the market, so you can easily opt for the one that best suits your budget.

There are a variety of shower screen designs available in the market that allow you to change the look of your existing bathroom without having you to renovate the complete space. To know which shower screen is the best for your bathroom, you must have complete knowledge on the types available in the market.

Here is a list of recommended screens for the modern bathrooms.

Fully Framed

One of the most popular choices for modern bathrooms is a fully framed shower screen. Featuring an aluminium frame holding afull enclosure made of glass, the framed shower screen looks super stylish. It is available in multiple configurations, making it easy for you to pick the one that best suits the shape and size of your bathroom. Moreover, shower screens are designing to be durable and sturdy, so they are sure to be a part of your bathroom for long. The completely framed shower screens are the ideal pick for homeowners who have a limited budget. These shower screens are the ideal way to upgrade the look of your bathroom.

Semi Frameless

Another popular choice for modern bathrooms is the semi frameless shower screens. These screens feature clean linesthat give a contemporary look to your bathroom. Semi frameless design combines the strength of framed screens and the classy look of  frameless screens, thus giving you the best of both worlds. This option is ideal for bathrooms that require both, a stylish look and durable accessories. With multiple semi frameless shower screen design models, there is plenty to choose for your small or big bathrooms.


Frameless shower screen features a minimalistic design when compared to the framed design. It has a glass panel that is held by minimal hardware.This type is perfect for bathrooms with smaller bath area. The frameless shower screens are made to be sturdy and stylish.

Sliding Door

Sliding door shower screens are ideal for bathrooms that demand style and flexibility. They provide closed enclosure for bathing comfortably, without spilling water to the dry area of the bathroom. The door to this shower screen slides instead of opening in and out, thus freeing upplenty of space. Bathroom with smaller area should consider this option. To create a double-ended shower room, the shower screens have one or both panels sliding.

Pivot Door

These are rotating shower screens that open on a centre point. They are considered to be traditional and are available in various styles and designs. As pivot door shower screens occupy plenty of space to open and shut, they are recommended to be installed in baths with larger space.

Bi-fold Door

Bi-fold door shower screens are ideal for those who are looking for something practical and stylish. They feature a space saving design and their opening mechanism lends them a sleek and striking look. These shower screens may have two or more folds and are the ideal pick for contemporary bathrooms.


Bathrooms having bath area at the corner require the quadrant shower screens. They feature sliding doors and are considered to be a space-saving option. They are ideal for bathrooms with less space.

Fixed Panel

If you are looking to install something more luxurious in your bathroom, you can consider the fixed panel shower screens. Featuring a frameless glass panel, these shower screens look minimalist. They are ideal to be used in larger bathrooms having a separate dry area.

Shower screens have a great impact on the look of your bathroom. The right shower screen can make your bathroom look stylish and elegant.

Shower screens are a preferred choice of many, thanks to their attractive looks, durable nature and easy to clean design. They are mostly made of high-quality glass, which means they are durable enough to be a part of your home for long. Also, as glass can be easily cleaned with a simple wipe of a cloth, maintaining them isn’t a problem. Another great benefit of glass shower screen is that they reflect the natural lighting falling on them. Even slightest of natural light touching the shower screen spreads throughout the bath area, making the space look brightly lit and beautiful.

No matter what size or shape your bath area is, you will always find a shower screen for it. Also, as the screens are made of glass, customisation is possible. You can easily have the glass panels cut and sized as per your bath area.

Adding a shower screen or replacing your existing one is a great way to revamp the look of your bathroom. With multiple options available, it may be difficult to take a decision. However, it is important to pick a shower screen that best fits the size, shape and type of your bathroom. Also, you need to take your budget into consideration when choosing a shower screen.

There are many companies providing shower screens of different types and styles. When making a decision, it is important to ensure you choose something that isn’t just stylish but made of high-quality, durableglass too.

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