Brilliant Tile Ideas for Compact Bathrooms

When renovating a small bathroom, you need to take a lot of things into consideration. What colour theme your bathroom will follow? Will it have a bathtub? Will you have large tiles covering a small space?

One of the essential things in the bathroom is the tiles. The colour, design and size of the tiles you choose can make or break the look of your bathroom. Just like the right set of tiles can beautifully enhance the appearance of your small bathroom, the wrong ones can hamper its look ultimately.

Here are some tips on using tiles and creating specific design effects in bathrooms with limited space.

  • All white tiles

Small bathrooms may look congested and even smaller if dark coloured tiles are used for its flooring and walls. It is advisable to opt for white tiles as they can make the area feel more open and spacious. For the walls of your small bathroom, you could opt for white subway tiles and place them in a stretch-bond pattern. The flooring can have white mosaic tiles. If you feel this combination will give your bathroom a too white look, you could add a dash of colour by opting for small coloured insets for your flooring tiles.

  • Large tiles

You must have heard a lot of people say that small spaces should have small tiles. But, if you have large tiles placed in smaller areas, you can trick the brain into assuming the space is bigger than it actually is.  

  • Tiles set in herringbone pattern

Placing tiles on the walls in a herringbone pattern can draw the attention of the viewers to the most extended area of the bathroom. To further intensify the look of the bathroom and give it a spacious look, you could consider adding features like a tall mirror.

  • Neutral marble tiles with bold wallpapers

Make use of large marble tiles on the flooring and wallpaper with bold colours on the walls of your bathroom. This combination will make your small space appear more prominent and give it a robust feel. Ensure the tiles are of neutral colours as you do not want dark colours to dominate your bathroom interiors.

  • Pink tiles

Pink colour flooring tiles will give your bathroom a modern look and create a lengthy focal point throughout the area.     Let the wall tiles be plain white to maintain a balance. This combination will make your small bathroom appear larger than it is.

  • Black and white combi

The combination of black and white tiles can add class and elegance to any space, and your bathroom is no exception. You can use large black tiles on the flooring of your bathroom and white tiles on the walls. Dark flooring will save you the effort of regular cleaning, while light walls will give the notion of a larger space. To add a stylish element and provide a depth to your bathroom, you could consider installing tiles on the lower half of the walls and an uplifting wallpaper on the upper half.

  • Chevron strip tiles

Chevron stripes can make a place look elongated. Hence installing tiles with chevron stripes in a small bathroom is a great idea. Place these tiles on the flooring of your bathroom and create a sense of depth. Since there is a pattern on the flooring of your bathroom, you should opt for plain tiles on the walls to maintain a balance.

  • Light tiles for dark rooms

If the furniture, fittings and fixtures in your bathroom are of dark colour, it is best to choose light-coloured tiles for the flooring and walls. Also, if your walls have dark colour wainscoting, light-coloured tiles will reflect more light and give the room a spacious look.

  • Floor-to-ceiling tiles

A wall covered in small mosaic tiles from top to bottom can give the notion of more space and add a dash of style to the interiors. Choose mosaic tiles of lighter shades to avoid an overdose of colour.

  • Combination of different tiles

Designing your bathroom with many different tiles can make it visually appealing. Also, giving the viewers many patterns to see can distract them from noticing the smallness of the room.

  • Focus on grout lines

Using grout lines as a design element is a great idea to enhance the look of your small bathroom. It is best to keep the grout lines restricted to the walls as you want the black lines to draw the attention of the viewer right up to the ceiling, creating a sense of height.

  • Glossy tiles

Glossy tiles can be used on the walls of the of a small bathroom to give it a spacious look. Avoid using glossy tiles on the flooring as this could give your bathroom an outdated look.

  • Patterned walls with white flooring

The combination of patterned wallpaper and white flooring tiles can lend a trendy look to the space and make it appear spacious than it is. You can opt for wallpapers with geometric design combined with simple white square tiles for the floor.

  • Uniform floor tiles

It is common to have different floor tiles in the shower area and the dry area of a bathroom. However, ditching this concept and installing the same flooring tiles throughout the bathroom can give it a roomy appearance. The uniform flooring gives the feeling of a spacious room, no matter how small the area is.

  • Graphic tiles

Graphic tiles have the power to lend a bold look to your bathroom interiors. Limited use of the right graphic tiles can give a sense of depth to the room. It is best to use graphics tiles for the flooring of your bathroom and to create a visual balance, opt for subtle and simple tiles for the walls.

Tiles offer you a great way to add creativity to your bathroom. You can try multiple combinations of tiles to see what works best for your space. Placing usual tiles in styles can also give an impressive look to your bathroom. Also, experiment with the different material of tiles available in the market.

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