DIY Ideal To Enhance The Beauty Of Your Home

You have the freedom to decorate your home the way you like it. You can create a relaxing environment in your room or a chic vibe depending on your preference.

Decorating your room or home may seem like a considerable investment. But there are a lot of home décor items that you can make yourself and use to enhance the beauty of your home.

Here are some great DIY ideas that can help you stylishly decorate your home, without spending much.

1.    Attractive Gallery Wall

Any empty wall in your home can be decorated with simple yet elegant wall paintings. You can make use of canvases to paint simple designs like stripes, polka dots or checks and frame them. Use this artwork to decorate an empty wall in your home.

2.    Colourful Art Mobile

Create a rainbow mobile using recycled materials and hang it in your living room or bedroom to add a lively look to it. To ensure maximum light reflection, hang your art near the window in your room.

3.    Washi Tape

Consider decorating your home walls with washi tapes. These tapes are available in multiple designs and colours and the one that best suits your walls can be used to create exciting wall art.

4.    Origami Lampshade

Make an origami lampshade using attractive wallpaper. All you would need is a wallpaper, a pair of scissors, glue, a light cord kit, a circle punch and a string.

5.    Coasters

Coasters don’t just protect your tables from stains, but also add a decorative element to them. To adorn your table, you can make use of coasters that you have created right at home. You can create coasters using your scrapbook leftovers or wrapping papers, some felt, glue, cork tiles and plain cardstock. 

6.    Floor Cushion

Having an attractive cushion for your living room floor will add spice to your décor. Sew colourful fabrics together to create a floor cushion that you use as a footrest.

7.    Clay Art

Fond of animal? Why not create a faux animal to bedeck your living room walls? Make use of clay to create the faces of your favourite animals

8.    Wire Key Holders

Make use of pliable wire to create attractive shapes. Hang it on the wall you need to decorate and use it as a key hanging stand.

9.    Starburst Mirror

Make use of wood shims and strong glue to create a starburst mirror. You can hang this beautiful DIY anywhere in your home, be it a bedroom or living room or bathroom.

10.    Wall Art

To enhance the look of a room, create an accent wall. Make use of painters’ tape to paint different shapes of different colours on the wall.

11.    Rustic Lamp

Want to give your lamp a rustic or farmhouse look? Paint its base in white or cream, allowing some wood to be seen through the paint.

12.    Hanging Craft

To give character to empty wall space in your home, add a hanging craft. You can make this using pieces of wood, sandpaper, paper print and two popsicle sticks.

13.    Hanging Plates

Have a variety of plates in your collection. Why not consider hanging some on your kitchen walls. Make use of plates of different shapes, sizes and colours as wall hangings and see how attractive your kitchen looks.

14.    Tissue Paper Flowers

Isn’t it fun to make tissue paper flowers? Use some attractive paper to create flowers that you can hang on the walls of your living room, bedroom or kitchen. You can also beautify your balcony with these artificial flowers.

15.    Leaf Art

Collect some leaves from the ground during fall or winter. Spray some gold paint on it and use this leaf art to decorate the walls of your home.

16.     Headboard

Creating a stylish headboard for your bedroom is easy. Choose a beautiful wood and cut it in different shapes. Join these shapes with glue and place it above your bed.

17.     Colourful Dressing Table

Everyone has a dressing table in the bedroom. To add a lively touch to your room, colour each drawer of your dressing table in different colours. This will refresh the look of your furniture and add a stunning look to your room.

18.     Pom Poms

Colourful pom poms can be stitched to the edge of your bedsheets and pillows. This will add a vibrant touch to your bedding and spruce up your bedroom.

19.    Fruit Painting

Get a canvas, some fruits and paint colours to create a customised painting for your home. Use the fruits as your brush to create different shapes on the canvas. Once dried, hang this wall art to your living room and flaunt your great idea to your guests.

20.    Chalkboard Art

Bring home a chalkboard and some colourful chalks to draw on it. Make something cute or write a meaningful quote on chalkboard before you hang it on the wall of your bedroom.

21.     Hanging Rope Shelf

Create a small hanging rope shelf for your living room to display your favourite artefacts. Make use of wooden planks to create shelves. Tie them with a sturdy rope keeping enough distance to place your showpieces. You can hang this artwork in your kitchen or bathroom.

22.    Inspiring Art

Is there a moto you follow in life? Or do you have a phrase that keeps you motivated at all times? If yes, then turn your phrase or moto into art and hang it on your home walls to read every day. Take a plain white paper and draw attractive shapes using stencils. Make use of vibrant colour and write your favourite phrase or quote in the centre of your drawing. Frame it and fix it on the wall right in front of your bed.

23.    Can Planters

Tin cans can be easily found in all homes. One great way to use these tin cans is to transform them into planters. You can paint and decorate these cans the way you like – use spray paint or wrap them in fancy papers or cover them with stickers. Once decorated, place your favourite plant in them and keep them in your balcony.

24.    Pouf Ottoman

Pouf ottoman can add a charming look to your living room. They don’t just look attractive but also offer great comfort as a footrest or extra seating. Making a pouf ottoman is easy. You can make use of colourful fabric and a bunch of polystyrene balls to make your ottoman. Cut the material in the shape you want the ottoman to be. Sew its sides using a sewing machine. However, leave one side open to fill in the balls. Once stuffed, stitch the last side, and your pouf ottoman is ready.

25.     Knitted Wall Art

Knitting is a method used to create a fabric using yarn. If you know this art, you can make use of colourful thread to create a beautiful wall hanging.

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