Latest Kitchen Renovation Trends of 2019

Are you planning to redo your kitchen but falling short of ideas? Redesigning your kitchen requires a lot of time, effort and money, and hence you want to include the best of features to it. Remodelling your kitchen may be confusing as you may not be sure where to begin from. However, setting a plan on how to start your renovation may help things go smooth and easy.

The very first thing that you need to determine is your budget. Once you know how much money you have in your hand to renovate your kitchen, it will become simple for you to narrow down on the features you can include. The next thing you need to analyse is what’s missing in your current kitchen. If there is something that your existing kitchen does not have, it is essential to examine it and include it in the plan of your new kitchen.

For houses with prominent families, avid cooks, and seasoned hosts, the kitchen is the centre point. Hence, for such homes, it is essential to make a note of all the necessary features that must be included in your new kitchen.

Here are some tips to help you renovate your kitchen better.

Quartz Finish Countertop

Countertops can make or break the look of your kitchen. Choosing the right material for your kitchen countertop can add oodles of style to it. Whereas, an inappropriate material can hamper the overall look.

A lot of countertop materials have had a fair share in the market, but nothing beats the popularity of quartz finish. This material has been the choice of many since years, and still, people are inclined towards having it on their kitchen’s countertop. Its timeless look, fine finish and durable nature make it a preferred choice of many.

Add A Pop Of Colour

Bright white kitchens have a timeless appeal, and they look spectacular. However, the amount of care and maintenance they require is really high. One needs to clean a sparkling white kitchen thoroughly on a daily basis to prevent its look from being affected. Brining some hues to your kitchen is a great idea. Not only will they create a more memorable kitchen, but also give you the liberty to skip in-depth cleaning sessions now and then.

Opt For A Moodier Tone

Setting a moodier tone is a great option. Alluring colours can be added to the kitchen to create a rich and refined look. Vibrant tones evoke emotions and help in creating a positive environment.

Matte Effect

Matte finish on furniture looks elegant. Showrooms are selling matte cabinetry and appliances that look trendy and gorgeous. Furniture with a matte finish is easy to clean and tend to stay in style for long. Adding such furniture to your collection is an excellent idea as it’s the ideal way to give your kitchen a forever-cool look.       

Smart Features

Technology has made its way to the kitchens as well. With remote controlled lights to smart fridges, there are a lot of features you can consider including in your modern kitchen.

Glass Shelving Units

Gone are the days of bulky wood shelving units dominating the walls of most kitchens. Glass shelving units are now the proffered choice of many. Glass shelves add a classy touch to the kitchen interiors and make cleaning a convenient process. Also, they lend a luxe look to the walls they are installed on.

Spacious Drawers

Including convenient features to your kitchen is essential. One of the most significant things in a kitchenette is a storage drawer. The more storage space you have available, the better it is for you to arrange your cutleries, crockery, etc. Opting for deep and spacious drawers is an excellent way to maximise the storage space in your kitchen.

Ample Of Lighting

Ample lighting is a must in any kitchen. Opting for stylish pendant lightings in your kitchen is a great way to make a style statement.

Clean, Decluttered Look

Clean countertops make your kitchen look perfect. Designing your kitchen with the latest features and having your countertop full of accessories will do no good. A messy countertop will prevent your guests from seeing the beauty of your well-designed kitchen. Hence, it is advisable to keep your countertops clutter-free.

Wood Finish

Wooden counters can add character to your kitchen, giving it a classy look. Though the material requires a lot of care and maintenance, it has the power to uplift the look of your home effortlessly.

Spruce Up Your Flooring

Patterned flooring can spruce up your flooring beautifully. You can consider getting a colourful rug to add life to not just your kitchen, but other areas of your home as well.

Customised Banquette Seating

Banquette seating offers a great way to bring your loved ones together. Having it in your kitchen will not only bring everyone together in the most commonly used room but also add a unique feature to your kitchen space.

What To Avoid?

Learning the latest trend for designing your kitchen is essential but knowing what you must avoid is equally important.

Say No To Granite

In the 1990s and early 2000s, granite in kitchens was a significant trend. A lot of people opted for granite back then, but as time passed, there was a decrease in its demand. Granite is a porous material that quickly collects bacteria if not looked after. To ensure your kitchen gets an updated look, avoid using granite in any of its parts.

Avoid Faux Finish

Lending a faux finish to your kitchen can make it look cheap. Things worsen when the faux starts peeling. This not only hampers the look of your kitchen but also calls for the need of immediate renovation.

Prevent Use of Graphic Signs

Hanging a lovely piece of art on the walls of your kitchen is an excellent idea. Look for something that is meaningful and helps make a statement. Avoid having graphic signs in your kitchen; after all, it’s your home and not a gift shop.

Subway Tiles

Subway tiles have been a part of kitchens for years. Though they have a timeless appeal, they can be easily spotted everywhere, be it a local fast-food outlet or a café or your neighbours home. Having something usual in your kitchen will not make it look exclusive. Experiment with different tiles to enhance the beauty of your home.

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